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DCD (Developmental Cognitive Disabilities)

Fed Setting 3 Program

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Every Day in Every Way We Educate for A Better Tomorrow

MN State Definition of Federal Setting III: students receive special-education services outside the general education classroom more than 60 percent of the school day...

As special educators we hold the highest of expectations for each of our students. We coordinate our curriculum and collaborate with our general education colleagues through co-teaching, push in and pull out models (through parallel teaching) to provide instruction that is built on Relationship, Relevance, Realness, and Rigor. We look to instruct in the Least Restrictive Environment and align with personalized, individualized goals, objectives, and academic standards. 

There is not a day when a difference is not made and learning happens!

Our motto is "Make it Great!"

Ms Laura Madsen: Grades K-5  laura.madsen@spps.org

Ms. Amanda Cox: Grades K-5 amanda.cox@spps.org

Ms. Alex Rincon: ASD Grades K-5 alex.rincon@spps.org