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Ann Eaton Johnson, Principal

2180 Knapp Street, Saint Paul, MN 55108

(651) 293-8735 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Minions of Reasons to Read!

Our 11th annual Read-a-Thon kicked off with an assembly that was filled with "Minions of laughs".  Students are asking friends, neighbors and relatives to sponsor them as they count the minutes they read at home and at school.  New this year is an online option for donating. Just click on the link
Will our students reach their goal and read 300,000 minutes in 12 days???
Will they reach the goal of raising $11,000+???
Will Mrs. Johnson turn into a Minion???

If they make it, we'll have a Minion Dance Party on April 13. Students are invited to wear yellow and blue to add to the fun.