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Welcom to Pre-Kindergarten

  • Welcome to Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus

    Elementary School’s

    Pre-Kindergarten - Building Community and Connections!


    • Welcome to School – getting to know the people who help us at school, and learning how to create a classroom community of friends
    • Transportation - in our community
    • Animal Homes and People’s Homes
    • Healthy Me - Growing from a baby to a Pre-K person!
    • I am a Cook!
    • Backyard Detectives
    • Water Wonderland

    Each theme lasts at least four weeks, so that children have time to make connections in many areas including:

    -   Blocks and construction

    -   Writing, drawing, painting and creating

    -   Exploring and investigating the natural world of color, light, weather and found objects

    -   The five senses - including water, sand, music and movement

    -   Math concepts - classifying, shapes and counting

    -   Dramatic play - trying out different roles, learning about people and how they help us


    This model is research based; the goal is to close the achievement gap, by getting every child ready for Kindergarten, early reading success and overall school success.

    Every day children participate in the following components.

    • Ease into the day

    Each child signs their name and chooses a book to read with an adult, friend, or by themselves.

    • Morning/Afternoon Meeting

    Each day we have a greeting to let everyone know they are an important part of our classroom community and we are glad to see them.

    We read the daily message.

    We find out who the helpers are for the day.

    We talk about what we are learning at school.

    We sing a song or play a game related to what we are learning.

    Our 5-day read aloud actively engages students in reading, which helps increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills and helps them build confidence in their abilities.

    At the end of the week we celebrate what we have learned.


    In the small group setting, children learn specific skills to help them in this important year before kindergarten. They may build vocabulary by doing a science experiment, learn math concepts by building with pattern blocks, learn the alphabet by matching letters on our word wall, or expand vocabulary by using literacy props in the dramatic play area.

    • They may look for rhyming words in a nursery rhyme or in the story read aloud.
    • They may play a listening game and listen for words that start with the same sound and draw a picture of them.
    • They are encouraged to draw and journal about their own experience with

                the theme.


    The teacher’s role and assistants’ roles are crucial.  By providing a literacy-rich environment, children are challenged to deepen their understanding of what they are learning at school.  Children learn how to take turns, how to plan and how to negotiate play with other children.  We have fun learning together, and we make

    classroom books to remember and reinforce what we have learned.


    Parents are always welcome to help their child ease into the day.  Find out what we are doing at school, check in with the teacher, and read to your child.

    This is an important time to help get everyone’s day off to a good start.

    Parents can choose to be involved in many ways in Pre-K:

    • Take your parent to school day.
    • Ready to Read Library Books – once a month children bring home a book that focuses on our current theme.  Reading at home is an important part of helping your child to become a reader.

    For more Pre-K information select the following link: