David Gundale, Principal

640 Humboldt Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55107

(651) 293-8670 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Alex Ferderer Music alex.ferderer@spps.org
Amy Coad School Psychologist amy.coad@spps.org
Anna Lasky Special Education Teaching Assistant anna.lasky@spps.org
Brie-Anna Medin Art brie-anna.medin@spps.org
Brittany Prather Special Education Teaching Assistant brittany.prather@spps.org
Caryl Mousseaux Librarian caryl.mousseaux@spps.org
Cheryl Giles Secretary cheryl.giles@spps.org
Clara Olson Math clara.olson@spps.org
Damon Liberatore Math damon.liberatore@spps.org
Dan Sullivan Social Studies daniel.sullivan@spps.org
Daniel Harty Special Education daniel.harty@spps.org
Danielle Marzinske Promise Fellow danielle.marzinske@spps.org
Dave Gundale Principal dave.gundale@spps.org
Edric Lysne Special Education Educational Assistant edric.lysne@spps.org
Fiona Sheridan-McIver Spanish fiona.sheridan-mciver@spps.org
Jane Treat Young MEP/College and Career Counselor janetreat.young@spps.org
Jeff Steiner Special Education jeff.steiner@spps.org
Jim Patterson Nurse james.patterson@spps.org
Joe Brandner Physical Education/Health joe.brandner@spps.org
Jolene Yang Counselor Jolene.yang@spps.org
Jullonne Glad Math jullonne.glad@spps.org
Katie Craven Social Studies katie.craven@spps.org
Kevin Hansen English kevin.hansen@spps.org
Lauren Clauson Deaf and Hard of Hearing lauren.clauson@spps.org
Leo Bickelhaupt English leo.bickelhaupt@spps.org
Lillian Collins-Remelus Special Education- Autism Focus lillian.collins-remelus@spps.org
Lorraine Schwarzrock Speech & Language Pathologist lorraine.schwarzrock@spps.org
Luke Turvold Social Studies luke.turvold@spps.org
Mary Sellers Family Involvement/Counseling mary.sellers@spps.org
MaryBridget Leba Reading marybridget.leba@spps.org
Megan Hall Science megan.hall@spps.org
Michelle Bierman Assistant Principal michelle.bierman@spps.org
Michelle Romano Social Worker michelle.romano@spps.org
Nora Krings Reading nora.krings@spps.org
Rebecca Palmer Science rebecca2.palmer@spps.org
Rebekah Rentzel Theater rebekah.rentzel@spps.org
Rhonda Mechels IT Tech rhonda.mechels@spps.org
Sheri Gonsioroski Special Education sheri.gonsioroski@spps.org
Tien Dang Science tien.dang@spps.org
Tim Leone-Getten ELL, Spanish, Prog. Coor. timothy.leone-getten@spps.org
Tom Totushek Math/Science tom.totushek@spps.org